Shop closure

We have had numerous phone calls enquiring when the shop will be open We will be following the government guidelines from June 1st this is the earliest possible date for the lockdown restrictions starting to take effect We have purchased signs, hand sanitizer and...

Show and exhibitions cancellation

We have received confirmation that Middlesbrough model railway exhibition in may Darlington model railway exhibition in September are both cancelled We will continue where possible to bring information on exhibitions and events when we can

The week ahead

We are still processing online orders twice per week new stock is arriving We have decided to bring forward a few projects we had looked at doing later in the year We are extending our range of accessories in N OO and O gauges Adding a range of O gauge locomotives and...

Show cancellations

With the on going virus situation many shows have cancelled June shildon model railway exhibition September Darlington model railway exhibition Are cancelled For more details please check this will give you the latest details of events across the...

Show and exhibitions

Shows and exhibitions into may have been cancelled as well as the shildon model railway exhibition in June We will try to keep you updated as we get more information

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